Friday, August 31, 2007

corban's sketchers

Elder and Sister Holzer (aka Bachan and Grandy) have requested video of all the kids, so here is Corban. I figured I should ask him a few questions about his favorite subjects lately: his shoes and basketball. Corban talks about these two items daily. He has recently informed us that he wants to be a "coach of basketball" when he grows up. Corban keeps strongly encouraging (begging) us to get a basketball hoop. I guess maybe we should consider a basketball one day too (since he is dribbling a volleyball in this picture).

playtime with colton & mason

Colton and Mason play pretty well together. Mason gets a kick out of Colton. Colton fulfills his rolls as a little brother (tormentor) and a big brother (entertainer) very well. I especially like in this video that the whiteness of the Ward boys is captured so well since Mason only has a diaper on. Colton's bedhead takes front stage as well. Maybe I should restrain from pulling out the camera first thing in the morning,

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Corban's First day of School

Corban started first grade today. I can't believe he is gone ALL DAY. He was excited (if you can't tell). He thinks it's "sweet" that he has his own desk. At the end of the day he said his favorite things about 1st grade are that he gets three recesses and gets to eat school lunch. We were hoping he would say something like "math" to give him room to change his mind to the recess/lunch thing later. He asked if he could eat breakfast at school too.


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